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Journal of Positive Psychology and Wellbeing

ISSN: 2587-0130 (Online)
Journal of Positive Psychology and Wellbeing (ISSN 2587-0130) is a peer-reviewed journal covering positive psychology and provides an international forum for the science of positive psychology in education and school settings. The JPPW, which is published four times a year, is an open-access that publishes research outcomes with significant contributions to the understanding and improvement of the positive psychology of education and services in school settings. The journal encompasses a full range of methodologies and orientations that include educational, cognitive, social, behavioral, preventive, cross-cultural, and developmental perspectives. The JPPW publishes research regarding the education of populations across the life span.

Vol. 8 No. 2 (2024): Journal of Positive Psychology and Wellbeing (In Press)

Published: 2024-03-09

Stress as a Regulatory Variable of the Training and Psychoso-cial Profile of Undergraduate Students in Post COVID-19 era: A Systematic Review

Lionel Sánchez-Bolívar , Sara Arenas Carranza , Fátima Zahra Rakdani-Arif-Billah , Lindsay Michelle Vázquez

10 – 24

Biopsychosocial Aspects Associated with Covid-19 of Pregnant Women who Delivered in Cipto Mangunkusumo General Hospital

Junita Indarti , Chakti Ari Swastika , Shinta Lestari , Novy Yanthi , Anthonyus Natanael , Natasya Prameswari , Kristian Alda , Rabbania Hiksas , Mohammad Agassi Antoniman

32 – 40

Returns of Higher University Education in the Huánuco Region, Peru

Johana Faustino-Jesus , Edwin Roger Esteban Rivera , Amancio Ricardo Rojas Cotrina

41 – 49

The Role of Knowledge and Talent Management in Honorary Teachers in Makassar

Fakhruddin Kurnia M , Ilham Safar, Muhammad Nurhadi N

86 – 93

Utilitarian Value, Convenience, on Repurchase Intention Through Trust in Online Shop Users

Erick Karunia , Gusfen Alextron Simangunsong , Hanadelansa

94 – 107

Music therapy, how does it change the way of perceiving colours for patients with breast cancer undergoing radiotherapy?

Ahmed Jribi , Fatma Dhouib , Imene Baati , Nejla Fourati , Omar Nouri , Salma Hentati , Jawaher Masmoudi , Wafa Mnejja , Jamel Daoud


A Correlation between MRI findings in current and future Disc Herniation Grade 1- Amongst Low Back Pain Patients

Qurain Turki Alshammari , Mohammed Saeed Alqarni , Shahad Fraih Alshammari , Badr Ali Abo Thaman , Amal Ahmed Alghamdi , Mansour Mohammed Alsubaie, Abdulaziz Falah Alharbi , Meaad Saeed Alshahrani , Ahmed Ali Shami , Alhumaidi Turki Alshammari , Shashi Kumar CG


Teachers’ Learning Management and Its Effect on Grade 8 Filipino Students’ Performance in Mathematics in a Post Covid-19 Pandemic Context

Mary Grace G. Inot , Sarah Mae J. Ponpon , Marilou G. Martinez , Ireneo M. Taperla , Veronica Calasang , Emerson D. Peteros , Reylan G. Capuno


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