Experimental Investigation of µEDM Process Parameters for Titanium Alloy with AlCrN Coated Electrode

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Tam Nguyen Chi


Micro Electric discharge machining (Micro-EDM) is a non-traditional machining method, and it is widely used in mold, tool and biomedical manufacturing. Therefore, research to clarify this technology in practice is very necessary. In this article, the influence of technological parameters in micro-EDM with coated electrodes on quality indicators is investigated. The experiments were performed on titanium alloy strip (Ti-6Al-4V) and AlCrN coated tungsten carbide rod served as electrode rod. The technology parameters used in the study include Voltage (V), Capacitance (C) and Spindle Rotation (RPM), and tool wear rate (TWR), overcut (OVC) and depth (Z co-ordinate) are the Quality indicators in research results. Taguchi method is used to design experiments, and ANOVA is used to analyze the results of quality indicators. They conclude that C has greater effect on multi-performance characteristics than U and RPM. Z co-ordinate, OVC and TWR were increased with the increase in U, and C increases have resulted in Z co-ordinate and TWR both increasing. The influence of RPM on OVC and TWR is similar.

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