The Role of Knowledge and Talent Management in Honorary Teachers in Makassar

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Fakhruddin Kurnia M , Ilham Safar, Muhammad Nurhadi N


This research is a development of the role of knowledge management, transformational leadership and Employee Engagement on the performance of Honorary Teachers from elementary to high school levels in the city of Makassar. The number of respondents who contributed to filling out the questionnaire during this research was 195 with locations of service as teachers divided into several schools in Makassar. Knowledge management is an important thing because its implementation requires follow-up from both parties, namely the organization and the teachers themselves, so it is very interesting to see this phenomenon occur. While transformational leadership is considered an elegant leadership model and is suitable in several types of organizations, this requires further proof. Meanwhile, employee engagement is an interesting issue because the composition of workers in the world of work today has entered various types of generations whose work culture has a different work perspective from previous generations. This research is a quantitative approach using SmartPLS 3.2.9 software. as a tool for managing existing data. The results of the research show that in terms of direct and indirect influence, all independent and dependent variables have an influence and are significant, while the role of the transformational leadership variable as a moderator of the relationship between knowledge management and performance is not able to strengthen this relationship. Based on this research, it can be said that the important role of knowledge management, transformational leadership and employee engagement of every honorary teacher can actually encourage good performance, so it is important to manage this matter well, existing knowledge, the right leadership model and the teacher's sense of attachment to the teacher. organization and work.

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