Performance of Rice Cooperatives in the Vietnamese Mekong Delta: Initiatives for Sustainable and Organic-Oriented Agricultural Development

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Nguyen Thuy Trang, Vo Hong Tu


Rice cooperatives are vital to the agricultural landscape of Vietnam's Mekong Delta, yet their performance and contributions to sustainable agriculture are not well understood. This study provides a comprehensive analysis using data from 135 rice cooperatives, employing multiple regression and logit model. The findings reveal uneven membership distribution despite significant social influence, with most cooperatives having fewer than 100 members. Charter capital varies widely and does not strongly correlate with membership numbers. Despite challenges in rice processing, cooperatives offer diverse services to enhance productivity and market access, with a notable focus on high-quality rice production (41.5% of surveyed cooperatives produce premium rice,) and contract farming (43.7% engage in contract farming). Regression analysis highlights the influence of service provision, annual profit, and contract farming on cooperative performance, stressing the need for strategic management, financial stability, and market-oriented approaches to drive success in Mekong Delta's rice cooperatives.

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