Stress as a Regulatory Variable of the Training and Psychoso-cial Profile of Undergraduate Students in Post COVID-19 era: A Systematic Review

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Lionel Sánchez-Bolívar , Sara Arenas Carranza , Fátima Zahra Rakdani-Arif-Billah , Lindsay Michelle Vázquez


Stress is fundamental variable in human behavior. The aim of this systematic review is to carry out an analysis of the state of the art on stress in university students. To this end, a search was carried out in the Web of Science database for the descriptors "stress" and "undergraduate students". After applying the inclusion criteria, a total of 88 articles were selected. Interest in this variable has in-creased, motivated by the health situation derived from COVID-19. The results show stress interacts with socioeconomic variables, emotional intelligence, motivation and social skills of university students. Likewise, it is decisive in the face of addictions to mobile devices and narcotic substances.

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