Published: 2024-01-18

Approaches TO Writing Scientific Research Papers

Sayed Asghar Hashimi (Ph.D) , Jalaludin


The Required Competencies Of Professors University Requirements For Achieving The Quality In Teaching

Kias Abderrachid , Boukhedouni Toufik , Cherbal Mostefa , Milat Sabrina , Boulacheb Hakima , Bouab Redouane


The Level Of Organizational Loyalty Among The Workers Of The Youth Institutions Bureau In Djelfa

Hassani Mohamed , Ben khaled Abdelkrim , Ferhat Ahmed , Mimoun Mohamed


Quality Of Life For Children With Special Needs

Hind Ghedhaifi , Chourouk Hmidi


Teenage Pregnancy Among Bachelor Of Science In Criminology Students

Depayso, Veneranda P. , Flordeliza G. Cruz (Corresponding Author)


Psychological Persuasion Manifestations In Speech Of The Prophet Noah, Peace Be Upon Him, With His People Through Noah Surah

Elhadfa Laabed , Dr. Mohammad Syifa Amin Widigodo , Dr. Mohamad Azhar & Dr. Fitriah M.Suud


The Level Of Soft Skills Inclusion In The 6th Grade English Textbooks

Khalid Mohammed Rashid Alhomidhi , Hanan Abdulhadi Abdullah Alakshan