The Required Competencies Of Professors University Requirements For Achieving The Quality In Teaching

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Kias Abderrachid , Boukhedouni Toufik , Cherbal Mostefa , Milat Sabrina , Boulacheb Hakima , Bouab Redouane


Achieving quality in the teaching process has become an urgent necessity sought by those in charge of educational systems and educational institutions, and the success of the educational process is closely linked to the presence of a key actor who ensures the achievement of this quality, and who possesses the competencies, skills, and abilities that help him manage and facilitate the teaching and learning process. The university professor, in his new roles, is required to develop and achieve the goals of the pedagogical processAnd To improve the quality of services, outputs, processes and inputs within the teaching classroom to the extent that ensures the needs of development and the requirements of society in general and the needs of higher education institutions in particular.

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