Teenage Pregnancy Among Bachelor Of Science In Criminology Students

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Depayso, Veneranda P. , Flordeliza G. Cruz (Corresponding Author)


The study dealt on factors that affects teenage pregnancies among the Criminology students. The study looked into the factors affecting teenage pregnancies among the B.S. Criminology students as to family, personal and environmental. The study made use of the descriptive-case study. It utilized the qualitative research in gathering data from identified participants using open-ended questions. The individual’s mentality about teenage pregnancy and behaviour is of great influence to this study. The family contributes if it does not perform its expected role and is fueled by the influences of the environment. Teenage pregnancies among students can absolutely disturb their concentration in their studies resulting to dropping out of school. Regrets are experienced after all such involvement but at the same time the respondents were challenged with their experiences. The researchers recommended that parents will advise their children on the effects of early intimate relationships and early pregnancies; First and second year B.S. Criminology female students to undergo seminars on how to deal with peer influence; setting priorities as students; consequences of early sexual involvement; responsible sexuality; possible effects of live-in partners;  requirements and challenges of an functional family; and the effects of lack of emotional cohesiveness of a child and a mother.

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