The Level Of Organizational Loyalty Among The Workers Of The Youth Institutions Bureau In Djelfa

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Hassani Mohamed , Ben khaled Abdelkrim , Ferhat Ahmed , Mimoun Mohamed


The study aimed to identify the level of organizational loyalty to the Office of Youth Institutions in Djelfa. The descriptive analytical approach was adopted as it is the most appropriate to the subject of the study. The study population may consist of a simple random sample estimated at: 126 employees The questionnaire was the means of data collection, which consisted of two parts, the first part is information about the employee. The second part is about organizational loyalty Spss program was used to analyze the data, through which the frequencies, percentages, arithmetic means, standard deviations, and testT tests were obtained. The study found: - There is high loyalty among the workers of the Youth Institutions Bureau in the state of Djelfa.  - There are no statistically significant differences due to demographic variables (gender, age, family status, educational qualification, experience).

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