GeoGebra as Didactic and Technological Mediation in the Learning of Mathematics. An Analysis from the Perceptions of Basic and Secondary Education Students

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Cesar Augusto Hernández Suárez, Carlos Antonio Pabón Galán, Audin Aloiso Gamboa Suarez


Educational applications are tools that contribute to the mediation of the learning of the concepts that are acquired in the classroom. For this reason, the objective of this articleis to know the perception of students about the use  of Geogebra in the learning of mathematics. To this end, a Likert scale questionnaire was applied to assess motivational aspects, navigability and interface and pedagogical anddidactic aspects, through the use of descriptive statistics to assess perceptions. The findings showed that students' perceptions towards the use of GeoGebra were at a satisfactory level of acceptance. It is concluded that the use of GeoGebra as pedagogical and technological mediation allows to support the learning of mathematics in students of basic and secondary education.

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